CCB 15-15-15

CCB 15-15-15 is a compound fertiliser with the goal of increasing crop quality and yield. Every CCB 15-15-15 granule includes nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium, as well as secondary and micro nutrients, guaranteeing balanced nutrition to fulfil the crop's nutritional requirements.

  • Immediate availability of nitrate-N and water-soluble phosphate
  • Availability of both fast action nitrate-N and sustainable action ammonium-N
  • Fast absorbability
  • Balance nutrition suitable for entire growth stage
  • 50 kg woven polypropylene (PP) bag with inside bag
  Application (Recommendation-broadcasting)
  • Leafy Vegetable:  400kg/hectare during vegetative stage
  • Turf:  Broadcasting, 20-30 gram/m2
  • Fruit Tree: 50-250 gram/tree for young tree, 1-3 kg/tree for mature tree
  • Fertiliser should not be used when it is hot and sunny as the granules may be destroyed
  • Never allow the granules to sit on the plant leaves because they can burn and kill the plant
  • Do not applied more frequent than the product recommended
AnalysisUnitsTypical Percentage
Nitrogen (N)%15
Phosphorus (P)%15
Potassium (K)%15

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