CCB 16-16-16

CCB 16-16-16 is a compound fertiliser with the goal of increasing crop quality and yield. Every CCB 16-16-16 granule includes nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium, as well as secondary and micro nutrients, guaranteeing balanced nutrition to fulfil the crop's nutritional requirements. It can be used on practically any plant, including lawns, flower beds, ornamentals, trees, and vegetable gardens, however floral plants benefit the most. 

  • Immediate availability of nitrate-N and water-soluble phosphate
  • Availability of both fast action nitrate-N and sustainable action ammonium-N
  • Fast absorbability
  • Balance nutrition suitable for entire growth stage
  • 50 kg woven polypropylene (PP) bag with inside bag
  Application (Recommendation - broadcasting)
  • Leafy Vegetable:  400kg/hectare during vegetative stage
  • Turf:  Broadcasting, 20-30 gram/m2
  • Fruit Tree: 50-250 gram/tree for young tree, 1-3 kg/tree for mature tree
  • Fertiliser should not be used when it is hot and sunny as the granules may be destroyed
  • Never allow the granules to sit on the plant leaves because they can burn and kill the plant
  • Do not applied more frequent than the product recommended
AnalysisUnitsTypical Percentage
Nitrogen (N)%16
Phosphorus (P)%16
Potassium (K)%16

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