Cropcare Biotech (M) Sdn Bhd 

is well recognised as a dominant player in the agrochemicals and fertiliser industry, we started from Johor, but slowly we had the strong presence in both the local and global markets. We manufacture whole spectrum fertiliser ranging from organic to inorganic.

Cropcare Biotech (M) Sdn Bhd also have our own Liquid/Foliar Fertiliser brands, such as UltraFeed, Ultramax, and UltraPower. Furthermore, we are the sole distributor of Grigg's Brother Products in Southeast Asia.

We also specialises in the manufacture of OEM agrochemicals and fertilisers. As a leading private label agrochemical and fertiliser manufacturer in Malaysia, we develop and manufacture OEM agrochemical products for your brand.

Organic Fertiliser
Fertilisers that are created organically are known as organic fertilisers

Control & Slow Release Fertiliser
Controlled release fertilizers only come in the granular form where the coating thickness regulates the nutrient release

Water-Soluble Fertiliser
Water soluble fertilizers are fertilizers that can be dissolved in water and are applied directly to the plant through drip irrigation and foliar application to increase nutrient use efficiency

Compound Fertiliser
Compound fertilisers, usually referred to as multinutrient fertilisers, are fertilisers that contain two or more nutrients 

Liquid/Foliar Fertiliser
Foliar fertilizer is a fertilizer product which is designed to be applied directly to the leaves of a plant

Organic-Inorganic Compound Fertiliser
Organic-Inorganic compound fertilisers, usually referred to as multinutrient fertilisers, are fertilisers that contain two or more nutrients that are derived from organic substances and inorganic substances

Blended Fertiliser
A combination of separate fertilisers that are included into a formula for instant fertiliser throughout the manufacture process

Homogenous Imported Fertiliser
A fertiliser that has been blended and created with all nutrients and solid material incorporated into each granule

Chelated Micronutrient
Fertilisers that include a bigger molecule known as a ligand or chelator around the micronutrient ion

Microbial bio-compound fertilizer contains a large number of active microorganisms

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