CCB-Booster 63 (21-21-21+TE)

  • Immediate availability of nitrate-N and water-soluble phosphate
  • Availability of both fast action nitrate-N and sustainable action ammonium-N
  • Fast absorbability
  • Balance nutrition suitable for entire growth stage
  • Compatible with most insecticide and fungicide (Not Highly Alkaline)
  • 25kg woven polypropylene (PP) bag with inside bag
  Application (Advise)
  • Fruit Tree:  2.5 kg/100 gallons of water. Repeat 7-10 Days 
  • Turf:  0.5kg/10 gallons of water per 1000 square feed. Repeat Monthly 
  • Leafy Vegetable: 1.5 kg/100 gallons of water
AnalysisUnitsTypical Percentage
Nitrogen (N)%21
Phosphorus (P)%21
Potassium (K)%21
Trace element%

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