Fruit Guard 18 A果保

Fruit Guard 18 is a product that specifically invented by Cropcare Biotech (M) Sdn Bhd which this product contains micronutrient.This product contains 3-7-18 macronutrients as well as a particular stimulant to promote crop growth and health. It is safe to use on most plants, including lawns, flower beds, ornamentals, trees, and vegetables. 

  • Fast absorbility
  • Improved plant health including increased antioxidant and phytoalexin production
  • Protect crop from both biotic and abiotic stress
  • Does not consist of any pesticide and heavy metal
  • Provide the plant with well-balanced nutritional diet
Mechanism of Ultrafeed-Fruit Guard 18
Application (Recommendation)
Type of CropDosage / 20 ltr Water
Leguminous Vegetable 40-50 cc
Fruity Vegetable
  • 1 Liter HDPE Bottle
  • Never spray during hot and sunny day as it will cause crop to burn

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