Kuning Cure 黄叶清

Kuning Cure is a organic and natural product that invented by Cropcare Biotech (M) Sdn Bhd.This product is specifically used to suppress the formation of Round Yellow Spot on the leave of long bean crop. Round Yellow Spot disease is dentrimental to Long Bean as it will cause the plant loss it ability to gather and minimise the health of the crop.

黄叶清 快大 研发的有机和天然产品 该产品专门用于抑制长豆叶片上圆形黄斑(黄叶病)的形成。黄叶病病对长豆角有害 因为它会导致植物丧失采集能力 并使作物的健康状况降至最低。

Performance of Kuning Cure 黄叶清
Application of Kuning Cure 黄叶清
  • Best result obtained before disease or transplantation
  • 还没发病前或者移苗时使用会得到最好的效果
  • 500 ml HDPE Bottle

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