Turbo-X 立刻杀

Turbo-X is a product that created by Cropcare Biotech (M) Sdn Bhd. It is a adjuvant that could highly increase the deposit and coverage of the insecticide and hence enhance the efficiency and reduce the loss of chemical during raining weather.

立刻杀是一种展着剂 它能提高农药解除面附着力而使农药更能存于农作物的表面上使之发挥最佳效果 进而减少农药在恶劣的天气之下的流失和挥发

  • Suitable to be used in most fruity vegetable
  • Increase the effectiveness of agrochemical by 50%
  • Can be used with pesticide
  • Enhance the penetration of insecticide to the hardly accessible area
  • Maximise insecticide deposit and coverage on the target
  • 适合用在大多数的果蔬类农作物
  • 增加50%的农药效率
  • 可以和杀虫剂一起使用
  • 增强杀虫剂对难以到达区域的渗透力
  • 最大限度地提高杀虫剂在目标上的覆盖率
Application (Recommendation)
Type of Agrochemical 
Amount (cc) / 20 Ltr of Water
Insectide for Hamama 红蜘蛛
Insecticide for Lalat Putih 白粉蝶
Insecticide for Kutu Thrip 蓟马

Insecticide for Ulat 屌丝虫
Insecticide for Bena 青蚊
40 - 50

  • 5 ltr HDPE Bottle

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