Soilenzim 活力土

Ultrafeed-Soilenzim is a product that specifically invented by Cropcare Biotech (M) Sdn Bhd which this product contains natural agriculture application enzyme. The natural enzyme could increase soil health, improved plant environment. It can be used on practically any crop, including lawns, flower beds, ornamentals, tree, and vegetable.

  • Fast absorbility
  • Repairing the soil condition and improve the planting environment
  • Provide the plant with well-balanced nutritional diet
Ultrafeed-Soilenzim Performance
  • Contains several active ingredients with various organic ions that balance soil polarity and make the soil loose and less caked
  • The soil's beneficial anaerobic bacteria are boosted by ozone ions while detrimental anaerobic bacteria are inhibited
  • Increases the rate of organic matter decay, replenishes trace nutrients, and promotes plant growth
  • 10 Liter HDPE Bottle
  • 20 Liter HDPE Bottle
  • Never spray during hot and sunny day as it will cause crop to burn

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